At Tassia you will be guided by one of Three guides.

Martin Wheeler will often be available to take you on a morning walk whereby you’ll be in the moment taking in all the detail surrounding you. He will tell you the story from the signs sounds and tracks the wildlife have made and from this expose an opportunity to track up and get close on foot to elephant, antelope  and sometimes leopard. Walking with him is a fascinating experience. Having grown up in The bush with he is a natural when it comes to guiding and a box of knowledge to be tapped into.

David is from the Ilngwesi Community our neighboring Maasai community. He has a bronze Level qualification in guiding and because he grew up in this area he is a born professional on the plants and trees of the area and their medicinal purposes as well as having a broad knowledge on all the birds (which he is currently studying further) as well as Animals of the Lekerruki. David has a wider interest for conserving the culture of the mokugodo Maasai and preserving the wilderness of the Lekerruki.

When things are busy we hire an extra vehicle and guide and this is usually Learum. Learum is a  local Mokugodo Maasai guide. He grew up in the area and sits on the Ilngwesi community board. He has an influence in conserving the Lekerruki. He is well spoken in English having worked as a personal assistant to a English family for a long time who in turn when they left the country left him with his trusty Land cruiser safari vehicle as well as his clipped London accent which is as reliable as him to get you from a to b with a lot of laughs and good humor. He often does the vehicle transfers from the schedule flights to Tassia. Through Lewa Conservancy Rhino spotting.