The Wheeler Family!

In 2006 the Lekerruki Community approached the Wheeler family to form a management agreement and hold the management rights of Tassia Lodge. Martin Wheeler has devoted 13years to managing Tassia Lodge and assisting in community projects within the Lekkerruki Conservancy.

Martin was born and raised on Lewa Conservancy. Martins father, Charlie, did and still does walking safaris from Lewa to the Lekkeruki Conservancy. Martin was raised with bush knowledge and is a guide knowledgable on the surrounding flora and fauna of Tassia. He is also a falconer and in his spare time rescues and rehabilitates birds of prey.(FreetoFly)

At Tassia you will be hosted by Martin & Anikia. We have three children Kailani, Tristan and Shay who are also based part-time at Tassia. We have in the last two years built and now run a Permaculture farm (Loltundaness) which supplies all our fresh veggies, milk and eggs & Honey for the Lodge. We also have designed and built an environmentally friendly, community run holiday home on Kiwayu Island (@Oceans&Islands, KaiHouse) of the Lamu Archipelago for further itineraries.

We are forth generation kenyans both born and raised into the Safari lifestyle. Anikia has a diploma in Graphic design & Art directing and before meeting Martin has worked as a freelance graphic designer for conservation N.P.Os and the Tourism industry (SpaceforGiants, The Safari and Conservation Company,  AfricaBorn, DiscoverLamu, TheDavid SheldrickWildlifeTrust). Having lived in Lamu for 10 years and helping to run Mikes Camp along with other small conservation and community projects.

We are both Creatives, living Holistically, Keen photographers and both Artists. We take great pleasure in our immediate surroundings and supporting communities to support our inherited Wilderness. Our creativity and this has influenced Tassias unique style. Martin is an exceptional host as well as a Pilot to his Foxbat light aircraft which he flys for conservation.

We also have a beautiful German Pointer dog, our fourth Child, Luna!, who sometimes hosts as well and is being trained to hunt with Martins birds of prey.