Hosted Stays


Martin Wheeler has devoted 15 years to managing, designing and maintaining Tassia Lodge and assisting in community projects within the Lekurruki Conservancy and now he has stepped back from this role as the Maasai community have begun to manage the lodge themselves. Mart is a wonderful host, pilot and guide. He has also found the donors for the now 13 sand dams that have become a highly valuable and sustainable water source for the Lekurruki Conservancy and Tassia Lodge. 

Martin was born and raised on Lewa Conservancy. He is an avid naturalist and knowledgable on the history and flora and fauna of this area. He is also a falconer and in his spare time rescues and rehabilitates birds of prey. He has incredible wildlife tracking abilities and a morning walk with him in the bush is sure to be an adventure of the good sort.

At Tassia you will be hosted by us, Martin and Anikia as a family. We have three lovely children Kailani 6, Tristan 5, and Shay 2 who are also based part-time at Tassia. We live part time here and now have our home base, in some renovated Wagons, on a regenerated piece of land that is fast becoming a permaculture farm on the Mt kenya slopes. This farm now assists in providing Tassia with its healthy tasty farm fresh Cuisine.

We are forth generation kenyans both born and raised into the Safari lifestyle. Anikia has a diploma in Graphic design & Art directing and before meeting Martin has worked as a freelance graphic designer for conservation N.P.O.s and the Tourism industry. Having lived north of Lamu island for over 10 years and helping to run the well known Mikes Camp along with other small conservation and community projects and setting up Kai House Kiwayu Island which is a now a Community run holiday home.

We are both Creatives, living Holistically, Keen photographers and both Artists. We create Art and Design utilizing sustainable and locally collected materials within our surroundings and support communities to support everyones inherited Wilderness. Our creativity and this has influenced Tassias unique style. We are currently opening our further company Wilder-Living which will soon be dealing with bookings for all selected properties and further beneficial travel itineraries as well as handcrafted designs.

We look forward to hosting your stay as a family and showing you an exceptional time here in this unique warm and beautiful place with a fascinating cultural history which when you think back on your journey to Africa will often stand out as that place in Africa … that dreams are made of!