Lekurruki Conservancy

Tassia lodge and the 60,000 acre Lekurruki conservancy, on which it is situated is owned by a community of mukogodo Masai. Tassia and Lekurruki are part of a network of community owned eco lodges and conservancies under the Northern Rangeland Trust – http://www.nrt-kenya.org/lekurruki

Tassia is the only lodge on this conservancy allowing its guests complete privacy in a wilderness area largely untouched by tourism. The lodge was constructed in 2000, opening its doors to guests in June 2001.

Tassia has been a premier tourist destination in northern Kenya, incorporating the true spirit of the unspoiled African bush. The lodge employs 90% of its staff from the Lekurruki Group Ranch, and provides valuable revenue for the conservancy, split between the annual operating costs (40%) and community projects such as water pumps, school bursaries and infrastructure (60%).

“Tassia was hands down the best place i’ve ever been, and probably Africa’s best kept secret.”