Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation

This is a self funded project driven by passion for birds of prey. Humans have, for as long as time can tell had an affinity with birds of prey. Captured by their beauty, grace, nobility and  intelligence.

Being a primary predator, birds of prey are a key indicator to environmental impacts and thus habitat health.

However, due to their free, wild and often secretive manner, the ability to travel great distances, their plight is often overlooked.

With many species in decline, specially protected or critically endangered. Through habitat loss, poisoning from pesticides and insecticides and many other human impacts.

The rehabilitation project takes in sick / injured / orphaned raptors. They are treated, nursed or raised to health. Depending on severity of the disabling factor the bird of prey can be with us from hours to years.

A visit to the centre will give you an insight into the rehabilitation process. The center is now no longer based at Tassia but half an hour flight away should anyone be interested in a tour with Martin please notify us on admission

Dependent on season, raptor inhabitants and their state of rehabilitation it is also possible that Martin can be at Tassia with one of his birds that is currently hunting. This is a total unique experience where if your up to pace you can follow the bird as It hunts from Martin’s arm, chase and find it’s prey together.