Mukogodo Maasai Manyatta Home Visits

In the early 1900’s the Mukogodo people changed ethnicity. The language, the cave dwellings and the hunter gatherer way of life, was over 10 years faded out. The Mukogodo became the Mukogodo Masai. The spoken language became Maa, the dwellings and way of life became those of a nomadic pastoralist.

A visit to one of the local villages, is not only a unique opportunity to meet members of the community, more of the Tassia team and their families. It is also a once in a lifetime opportunity. To be invited into the daily lives and homes of a community. It is a genuine working village not a tourist trap. It is an amazing photographic opportunity, hugely interesting and humbling.

The Mokogodo Maasai are still nomadic and the village has recently moved a little further up the hill and we are set to take you here over the next season for this remarkable experience.