Walking is the true and purest way to explore and experience the bush.

With no pollutants of sound and smell, or the relative safety of a vehicle. The reality of how small we are in such a vast landscape hits home.

One might at first experience a sensory overload. A cocktail of scents, sights and sounds none of which you can differentiate. With each walk, you learn a few of the ingredients, which make up the sounds and sights you are experiencing.

The diversity of the walks can satisfy all. From gentle botanical walks, learning the traditional uses and medicinal properties of plants. Short Cave walks to see where members of the community used to live. More vigorous bush walks, tracking wildlife and learning bush craft. As well as Forest walks under the Mokogodo forest canopy where you can discover a different range of trees and life.

For those that really need to stretch the legs and explore further, there are numerous hills, mountains and ridges all of them with a fascinating history with names and places to be explored and knowledge passed on.

Further still … we offer itinerary where you take a 3 day walking safari with Martin’s father Charlie, his fantastic team and Camels to carry the equipment. These are once in the lifetime experience to travel the traditional way and encounter wildlife on foot while learning how to survive in this wilderness’s. Either ending or starting at Tassia there’s plenty of place a to go to or come from here. These trips are also tailored to your abilities and requirements. Please book on admission.