Anti Soil Erosion

The aim of the anti soil erosion project on Lekerruki, is to increase the cover of grass across bare ground, and to block and fill gullies formed my run off water.

Erosion reduces the depth of the soil, as well as its capacity to hold water and nutrients. The increase of grass will increase the nutrients and its water hold, as well as providing plentiful grazing land for wildlife and game, as well as benefitting the communities livestock.

In order to do this, ditches are dug in a selected area of barren land. The soil removed is placed behind, which acts as a small dam. Within the ditch small branches are laid in order to slow the run off water and catch grass seeds and top soil. These then germinate and grow within the fertile soil.

It is a successful method to combat this problem of erosion and can seen as most beneficial during the rainy seasons.