Grass Planting & Honey

This is a great project as it benefits the women of the community as well as the land. The women collect grass seed and sell it to the Northern Rangelands Trust who then plant it where needed. A sack of seed is sold for $15 which goes directly to the women. Last year just over 150 sacks were collected, a 30% increase from the year before.

Traditionally the Mokugodo make hives from the logs of a particular tree and collect the honey. We have contacts for a traditional hive makers. It is possible to order hives for beekeeping. These log hives are highly successful and few are collected from the mokugodo forest thus sustaining a livelihood and maintains homes for our African bees, which make the most delicious  honey from the acacia and wildflowers in the area. We sell this honey in our local shop and serve it too.