Holistic Management

Kenya, like most developing countries, has an increasing population. Although mainly effecting the cities, it is also felt my the nomadic tribes. The nomadic way of life will soon not be possible in many parts of Kenya.

Due to these changes it is important that the community is aware of what is happening and are prepared. As pastoralists their wealth is measured in livestock. It is therefore highly important to educate the community in land management, rotational grazing and blood lines. It sounds simple, but on the ground it is the most testing of all projects.

One must first understand that holistic management of cattle starts with your soil, grass and trees. Your land is your bank, so to speak. You can only put a limited number of cows (money) in your bank until you have improved the quality of the bank (land).

The Mokogodo Maasai, who became pastellist in the 1920’s, seem not to fear change as much as most of us and are taking on the concept quickly and willingly. Although using cattle to regenerate rangeland is very effective, there are areas that need a little more attention and work.